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CCIFG On-Site Visit: Danone-FanMilk

CCIFG organised an on-site visit to the Green Projects by FanMilk PLC, a Danone Company...

Members of the CCIFG visited and toured the Green Projects by FanMilk PLC, a Danone Company, on February 9th.

After brief remarks from the General Manager at Danone, Mr. Ziobeieton Yeo, and the guest of honor, Mr. Jules-Armand Aniambossou, the French Ambassador to Ghana, regarding fostering commercial partnerships between Ghana and France, we were welcomed by the Operations Director, Mr. Godwin Alen.

Members were given a tour of the $7 million worth of developments, which include a solar power installation, biomass boiler, and wastewater treatment plant. CCIFG Member Dutch and Co. Ltd, was the EPC contractor to execute the solar project for Danone in Ghana.

These initiatives demonstrate Danone’s “One Planet, One Health” philosophy and strengthen its position as a pioneer in sustainability in Ghana and around the world.

A brief networking session for visitors to mingle with the ambassador and the Danone team concluded the visit.

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