About Us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana (CCIFG) is a private association which brings together companies and professionals from various sectors of the Ghanaian economy who want to develop their business in Ghana, in France or abroad. It supports the business development of French and Ghanaian companies by facilitating trade and financial exchanges between France and Ghana. The Chamber participates in the promotion of Ghana among French players and accompanies them in their approach to the Ghanaian market. The CCIFG also supports Ghanaian companies in developing their international potential.

Established in Accra in May 2014, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana is a member of the CCI France International network of 125 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI FI) in 95 countries.


Who are we ?


Our objectives 

  • To provide a platform for exchange and business networking at the service of Ghanaian and French companies;
  • To support the growth of Ghanaian and French businesses by assisting and facilitating trade, investment, finance and industry activities between Ghana and France;
  • To encourage Ghanaian and French small and medium scale enterprises to prospect and set up businesses in Ghana and/or France; 
  • To foster, support and represent our members' business interests by lobbying and advocating towards the national authorities of both countries.


What do we offer

The role of the CCIFG is centered on three areas: to animate, inform and support.

We run a business community with monthly events for our members. Also open to non-members, our conferences, networking cocktails and business breakfast allows participating companies to benefit from the business platform and to expand their contacts or create new business relationships.

Thanks to these events reinforced by the CCIFG's communication tools, our members have a unique access to up-to-date macroeconomic and sector information regarding the Ghanaian and the French market.

Through our business support service, we are also able to provide customized services to French and Ghanaian companies wishing to establish business relationships in Ghana and France, or wishing to develop their international potential.

Our values 

Integrity : We adhere to the highest ethical standards and act with honesty, respect and fairness.

Excellence : We are committed to provide professional high-quality, timely and cost-effective services and activities.

Diversity : We consider diversity to be an advantage to the success of our business community.

Accountability : We believe in transparency in resource management and assume responsibility for our actions.

Innovation : We are a proactive and forward thinking association, open to different ideas and changes.

Leadership : With one unified voice, we will lead our business community towards sustainability and growth.

Our Partners

One of the main objectives of the CCIFG is to establish and develop a strong network of partnerships with French and Ghanaian agencies and institutions in order to best promote the business interests of its Members as well as that of the activities of the Franco-Ghanaian community both locally and abroad.

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