Discovering France

1. The Essentials through Figures (2021)

Official Name : French Republic

Language : French

Capital : Paris

Currency:  Euro (EUR) where €1.00 = GH¢13.24 (Feb 2023)

Population : 65,651,893 (Feb 2023)

GDP (EUR billion) : 2,772

GDP Growth Rate 2022 * : 0.10%

Public Debt in GDP : 123.0%

Inflation Rate : 5.9%

Unemployment Rate : 8.1%


2. France Economy at a Glance

An Extended Market

France is Europe's 2 nd  largest market with nearly 70 million consumers, and the 3 rd  economy of the continent with a GDP over EUR 2.487 billion. Thanks to its location and infrastructures, the country is a major gateway to the European Union, the world's largest market with 500 million consumers.

A Gateway to Europe

The in and out flows of goods are eased through e-administrative procedures, France being at the state-of-the-art in this area.

France also has the largest European road network and the 2 nd  largest high-speed rail network.

Paris Charles De Gaulle, one of the two international airports of Paris, is Europe's 2 nd  busiest airport in terms of cargo and passenger transportation.

A Qualified Labour Force

France is one of the world's leading country in education investment and is ranked first in the Financial Times' Master in Management ranking. The Labour productivity is also ranked among the highest one around the globe.

A Business Friendly Environment

With an average of 3.5 days to create a company, it is faster to launch a business in France than in Germany or United Kingdom. The cost of doing business is also 9.5% lower than in the United States. These advantages have led France to become the number One Western Europe nation in terms of enterprise creation, with an average of 13 foreign companies investing in France each week.

The Attractiveness of Paris

Among the number one global touristic destinations, Paris is also a leading city for doing business. It is the world's 3 rd  most attractive city for investors and Europe's number one since 2017.

Some Key Industries

Agriculture and agro-processing, cosmetics, luxury, hotel and tourism, digital industry


3. Investing in France

▪ The French Foreign Ministry

The French Foreign Ministry provides an outlook of France's economy and entrepreneurship & investing in France.

▪ The Embassy of France in Ghana

The official representation of the French government in Ghana

▪ The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ghana

Through its Business Support Service and its international network, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana (CCIFG) is able to inform and accompany Ghanaian enterprises willing to explore business opportunities in France and vice versa.

Our services include:

  • Product to market fit validation , to assess the match between your product and French market requirements
  • Identification of potential business partners , to organize customized BtoB meetings
  •  Site tours for groups , to visit French companies and production sites
  • Marketing assistance during fares or special events , to maximize the impact of your venue in France
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