CCIFG: Re-entry Capacity Building Programme

As part of its business development strategy, CCI France Ghana resumes its short-term certified training courses to provide the opportunity to re-discover and expand the knowledge base of your employees, improve performance in adherence to quality standards, teach new strategies and increase continuous innovation in your business.

CCI France Ghana as part of its business support activity is offering its first Re-entry Programme,

This training service focuses on Capacity Building-themed and practical topics tailored to equip you and your team to learn, develop and exchange with participants from other sectors with domains ranging from Marketing & Sales, Information Technology, Project Management and other business management fundamentals.


About our Re-entry Programme

The business environment is changing. The traditional way of doing business is gradually fading out. No matter what industry, your company and sector competes with, the business environment is evolving. To stay relevant, employers, employees and team players alike need to adjust to these changes. Change is unavoidable and requires new ways of thinking and taking action.


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"A good school teaches you resilience - that ability to bounce back." K. Reardon

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