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CCIFG organised an on-site visit to Cocoa Touton...

Members of the CCIFG visited and toured the Cocoa Touton Processing Company factory, on April 20th.

Led by the Managing Director, Stéphane N’GUETTIA, members were taken through the CTPC factory which is certified FSSC 22 000, UTZ, Kosher and Halal. Through local bean-supply agreements and its own sustainable sourcing activities, Touton ensures traceability all along the supply chain from the originating farm to the delivery of the liquor to the customers all over the world. CTPC offers different mass organoleptic profiles with customized roasting recipes to meet customers’ specific needs. Mass that is destined for European customers is melted in Northern Europe and delivered by tanker to the chocolate factories.

Touton has been a major player in global cocoa trade for decades. In addition to sourcing cocoa beans and cocoa derivatives, Touton now also processes cocoa liquor in Ghana. In 2015 Touton initiated its industrial development with the acquisition of a cocoa liquor factory in Tema. The Group has also signed a tolling agreement for cocoa butter, cake and powder with CPC factory. Through its historical purchases of cocoa beans, its investments and the presence of an experienced team on its production sites, the Group offers its customers a steady supply of quality products.

A brief networking session for visitors to mingle concluded the visit.

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