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CCIFG On-Site Visit: Blue Skies Ghana

CCIFG organised an on-site visit to Blue Skies Ghana Factory...

Members of the CCIFG visited and toured the Blue Skies Ghana factory, on October 5th.

Blue Skies was founded in 1997 with the mission to build together a profitable enterprise where people respect each other, care for the environment and inspire a legacy for the future.

We believe in ‘Adding Value at Source’. This means they aim to make the finished product where the fruit is grown. By doing this they return more value to the communities that produce their fruit, and they can deliver products that are Fresh from Harvest.

They work closely with growers to achieve the highest standards in quality, ethical trade and environmental care. They adhere to a number of international standards including Fairtrade, Organic, and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).

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