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CCIFG and Partners Support the Fight against Breast Cancer

CCIFG in partnership with MDS-Lancet, Quest Medical Imaging and International SOS sponsor 20 women from OAfrica...

The French Chamber of Commerce in Ghana (CCIFG) has initiated a two-phase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in the frame of Pink October in partnership with its members MDS-Lancet, Quest Medical Imaging & International SOS, on Thursday 20th October 2022, to support the prevention of breast cancer which affected 2.3 million women globally in 2020 according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

For the first phase, CCI France Ghana in partnership with Quest Medical Imaging, sponsored the ultrasound and mammography of 20 women from OAfrica (OA), a local NGO in Ghana with the goal of rescuing vulnerable children and young adults in need of care and to reunify them with their families.  International SOS joined the initiative and delivered a health talk as well as a CPR training to the beneficiaries.

The Managing Director of CCIFG, Armelle Sae-Jeanne, said “I come from an island, Martinique, which sadly breaks the record of cumulating the highest rates of Breast cancer & Prostate cancer. A lot of pedagogy still needs to be done everywhere for women to be well informed and regularly undergo medical examinations, because Breast cancer is not a question of age or race, and prevention is key when it comes to this deadly disease. If our actions contributed to helping even 1 woman catch this disease at an early stage, then we accomplished our mission.”

Dr. Vanessa Atikpui, Medical Doctor and women’s health advocate from International SOS, while speaking to the beneficiaries on how to perform breast self-examination, mentioned that most cases of breast cancer are first detected by the patients themselves. She added that “A good lifestyle also plays a role in prevention against cancer as smoking, drinking, obesity and sedentary lifestyles have been identified as toxic behaviours”.

The second phase of CCIFG’s CSR activity took place on October 29th. Euracare Ghana organized a free breast screening at the Makola Market; CCIFG & KEK Insurance Brokers then sponsored the ultrasound and mammography of 25 women whose abnormalities had been detected. The Chamber further facilitated free corporate breast screenings for its member companies Lancaster Hotel Accra, Alisa Hotel and Total Energies through Euracare Ghana.

The beneficiaries of CCIFG’s CSR initiative were delighted and grateful for the kind gesture extended to them.  One of the beneficiaries said “Today has been insightful, and I have learnt a lot.  Early detection is important in the prevention of breast cancer, and I am glad I had the opportunity for a free breast examination, thanks to the French Chamber of Commerce in Ghana.”

The management and staff of CCIFG expressed their appreciation to their partners, Euracare Ghana, KEK Insurance Brokers, MDS-Lancet, Quest Medical Imaging & International SOS for their generosity and the work they continue to do in the fight against breast cancer.


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