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2021 Webinars/ Conferences in a Nutshell

This is a summary of all the Conferences and Webinars CCIFG has hosted for the year 2021

   DATE                                                            EVENT
   16th April, 2021   

   WEBINAR: 2021 Budget [What Businesses Should Expect]   

   28th April, 2021

   WEBINAR: Compliance in Times of Covid

   21st June, 2021

   WEBINAR: Connecting with France's Support & Financing Mechanisms in Ghana                           

   15th September, 2021            

   WEBINAR: AfCFTA Regional e-Conference

   22nd September, 2021

   Roundtable Discussion [Investing in West Africa ]

   7th October, 2021

   Workshop [Invest in Ghana, Land of opportunities]

   22nd October, 2021

   Roundtable Discussion [Construction]

   18th November, 2021

   CCIFG x MEST Pitch Session

   25th November, 2021

   Convention Fiscale France/Ghana Conference

   1st December, 2021

   CCIFG CFO Platform
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