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Willis Towers Watson is pleased to Announce the Launch of ESG Clarified

With ESG Clarified you get the perspective you need to understand ESG risks, unlock opportunities and stay ahead in a continuously changing landscape

Leading organizations are making environmental, social and governance (ESG) a key corporate priority. Many leaders have strengthened their commitment in response to ESG criticism, but there are a range of challenges that can prevent organizations from reaching their ESG goals and objectives – including knowing what to measure and where to find the right information. While many organizations have multiple sources of ESG data, too much time is often spent understanding their value and trying to determine priorities, deflecting time and attention from making informed, smart ESG decisions.

Actionable ESG analytics

WTW’s ESG ClarifiedTM combines an extensive set of external, market-leading data with proprietary internal WTW data sources and analytics to create a powerful lens into your ESG initiatives and risks. With thousands of data points from various sources curated into our ESG rating model, you can evaluate and measure ESG risk continually and ultimately develop your own credible ESG scoring, benchmarking and reporting summaries. These can be used by your board of directors, executives and other key stakeholders and as ESG placement report for insurers.

How does ESG ClarifiedTM work?

A self-service, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, ESG ClarifiedTM is accessible through WTW’s Risk Intelligence Quantified (RiskIQ) platform. The solution combines an extensive amount of data with WTW’s risk analytics and insights to provide a customizable view of your ESG progress and a more granular look at your strengths and weaknesses across key ESG measures including:

  • Financial resilience
  • Employee sentiment
  • Corporate reputation
  • People, capital and risk.

Supported by validated data sources, ESG ClarifiedTM provides ESG analytics through trending insights, scenario analysis and reporting information. It enables you to analyze and score ESG risks in real time. And by managing multiple data sources, you can make more informed, quicker and smarter decisions and serve the wide range of stakeholders who expect you to manage ESG risks.

ESG ClarifiedTM enables you to:

  • Benchmark your ESG risks against those of your peers
  • Tailor reports about related risks and create customized reports for key audiences
  • Inform and meet new and evolving reporting and compliance requirements
  • Enhance ESG risk programs, better positioning you to negotiate insurance rates as well as terms and conditions.

Stay ahead in a dynamic landscape

With the ESG analytics you get from ESG ClarifiedTM you will be able to assess efforts to date, make more informed decisions for the future, pinpoint areas of concern for better governance and action and create a road map for improving your ESG posture.


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