The Quay Wall construction at MPS using Caissons cast on land

The Quay Wall at the new Tema Port Facility is built with “Caissons”

A trench to receive the 74 caissons is dredged in the seabed 19m deep.

The caissons are cast on land with each completed unit using 1000 cubic metres of concrete. 

The caissons weigh 2600 tonnes each and are moved onto a floating dock by rolling them on inflatable air bags. 

Once on the floating dock, they are moved near to the quay wall location, and the floating dock is sunk allowing the caissons to float.

Tugs move the caissons into the required position and they are deliberately filled with water to sink them.

The caissons are filled with sand and the deck of the quay cast on top.


Download  (YOUTUBE • 11 B)

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