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Societe Generale Ghana launches new promo dubbed ‘Ya Te So Biom’ loans

Societe Generale Ghana has been at the forefront of financing the real economy of Ghana...

Societe Generale Ghana has launched a new promo dubbed ‘Ya Te So Biom’ Loans Promo.

The offer, open to all Societe Generale customers and non-customers on the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) payroll, provides loans at competitively low annual interest rates.

Societe Generale Ghana in 2023 launched the very successful Yateso Loan promo which availed customers and non – customers of the bank with highly discounted loans. This new campaign is offering customer with even lower interest rates as compared to 2023 hence the ‘Ya Te So Biom’. Promo.

Speaking on the Bank’s motivation behind the promo, Obed Hoyah, General Manager for Retail Business, explained “The aim of Societe Generale Ghana is to ensure that customers of the Bank and non-customers who are on CAGD payroll are availed with very low interest loans to realize their goals and aspirations for 2024.  The Ya Te So Biom’ Loan Promo is therefore to help individuals transform their lives with readily accessible funds which is key for people looking to make improvements in their homes, education, businesses, and other important projects”.

Eli Muzzu, Head of Marketing, Communication & Quality at Societe Generale Ghana added “SG Ghana understands the times we are in, hence its resolve to continue to deliver value to its customers especially by providing them with arguably the lowest interest on personal loans in Ghana. The timing of this promo which runs from now till the first week of June [2024] is very strategic as it offers our customers the unique opportunity to have a memorable Easter and Edul Fitr celebrations and even more importantly for our customers to chase their dreams.”

Societe Generale Ghana has been at the forefront of financing the real economy of Ghana and has a long track record of being a supportive and reliable partner for its customers.

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