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Multiple Armed Robberies in Accra

Armed Robbery at Airport Residential Area linked to multiple armed robberies

One armed man attacked and robbed a residence at Airport residential area in Accra. This took place on 27th September 2023. The intruder pulled out a gun while in the master bedroom and threated the husband and wife before escaping with a number of items

The victims went on to investigate the incident in more detail and have at present linked at least ten similar robberies, within the last year, where CCTV images and other evidence implies it was the same criminal.

Incident areas include: Airport Res, Roman Ridge, North Ridge and Cantonments

In one of the cases from November 2022, the criminal was later caught and arrested. CCTV images from this incident indicate with a very high degree of certainty that it is the same criminal as the recent cases.
Details so far ascertained on the individual indicate:

  1.  He is a Ghanaian national
  2.  He works as a scrap dealer and lived in the Cantonments area
  3.  He scouts the target area in advance under the pretext of buying scrap
  4.  He may be working with others in the scrap collection industry to ascertain information on targets to rob in advance.

It is strongly advised to take the following action:

  1. Stop all scrap dealers entering your compound/estate/property
  2. Alert your security provider to any abnormal activity around your area related to scrap dealers
  3. Install an intruder alarm with outdoor motion sensors
  4. Reinforce windows and slide doors with proper solid locks including balcony doors and windows on houses and apartments. Even when several floors up.
  5. Do not rely on guarding and/or Electric fencing alone




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