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Orca Deco Television Ad

During the April 2020 lockdown, Orca Deco donated food boxes to our staff and providing additional financial support.

During the April 2020 lockdown, Orca Deco were pioneers in our industry, donating food boxes to our staff and providing additional financial support to assist our families through a trying time. Furthermore, Orca Deco partnered with The First Lady of Ghana, Rebecca Akufo-Addo to initiate the #ReliefBoxesChallenge. Orca Deco was the first to donate 7,000 relief boxes to The First Lady’s ‘Rebecca Foundation’ and spearheaded a campaign that called on other retailers to donate what they could to help those in need. The response was astounding. 

No other retailer did it before Orca and at the same scale.  We at Orca continuously strive to lead with innovation and creativity. 

It is for this reason that we decided to release a television ad, to share the story of the feats Orca as a company and Ghana as a country overcame during this time in history. The values we share at Orca are synonymous with those of Ghana’s and her people. With this story, we hope to leave our viewers feeling proud of their country, their people and know that Orca Deco is Ghana. 2020 has been a tough year for many and Orca would like to share hope and love with Ghana this festive season and to remind people of what matters most over the Christmas period. 

We as Orca and as Ghana have come out stronger and more united than ever before and are proud to call ourselves Ghanaian! Orca, Y3Y3 AmaGhana.


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