The Chamber

Message from the Newly Elected CCIFG Board President

Celestino Alvarez-Neira has been elected President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana.

It is a privilege and honour to be elevated to serve in the capacity of Board President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana. I am humbled by the trust and confidence reposed in me as well as the members of the Board to further advance the interests of our Chamber. I would like to greatly commend the monumental work undertaken by my predecessor Patrick Prado and his team, board of directors and the executive team who laid a solid foundation for the establishment of CCI France Ghana and the many accomplishments over the past four challenging infant years. Today, we stand tall, recognized and respected as one of the most vibrant bilateral Chambers of Commerce both in Ghana and in the CCI France International network. We are grateful to Patrick and his team for bringing us this far. 

My election heralds 5 years of CCIFG being an influential actor in the Franco-Ghanaian business community. A cardinal component of our objectives is to support the growth of Ghanaian and French businesses by assisting and facilitating bilateral trade, investment, finance and industry activities between Ghana and France. As such, CCIFG will continue to work to give a platform to the nurturing and development of business opportunities through our local and international networks. 

Key among the goals of my tenure as President, with the able support of the executive board, are to develop new business support services for French and local companies and to have a significant increase of membership in order to be better represented in the business community in Ghana. The CCIFG will continue to organize programmes and events beneficial to the Ghanaian business community and also engage actively with members.  Furthermore, it is deemed quite imperative to develop partnerships with other bilateral chambers of commerce as well as key Ghanaian institutions in pursuit of the interest of CCIFG and its members.

Relations with the Government will also be reinforced in order to make the voice of CCIFG members heard and impact positively on key Government policies and legislations.

I look forward to a fruitful collaboration as your Board President in pursuit of our set objectives. I thank you-all in advance for your commitment to further advance France-Ghana commercial relations.

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