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Melcom Unveils Rejuvenated Identity with New Brand Logo

As a strategic plan to move Melcom to a new level in the service industry, Ghana’s largest retail shopping centre, Melcom Plus has unveiled a new logo and other new packages three decades after its establishment.

This new identity, according to managers of the company, is purported to bring the world to Ghana via its varied range of products.

Ghana’s largest retail shopping centre, Melcom Plus, from a single store in 1989, has come a long way in its service-oriented investments in the favour of convenience and affordable shopping in Ghana.

With a current outreach of 55 retail stores across multiple formats and 12 cash and carry stores,  7 Pizza Hut and 4 Giordano stores, Melcom Group has announced its readiness to expand and extend its services for the convenience of Ghanaians.

In this regard, its rejuvenated identity was unveiled on Thursday September 22 at its shopping centre at North Industrial Area in Accra, with the introduction of a new brand logo.

Executive Director of Melcom Group of Companies, Sonya Sadwani, explained to the media what inspired the company’s decision to rebrand itself.

“The inspiration behind the new beginning is that now we have customers with bigger expectations and willingness to have a better shopping experience with international brands in Ghana. So we’ve started with our new logo. The logo is part of this whole relaunch that we’re having.”

Manoj Sadhwani, one of the group directors, outlined the company’s future plans under the seven Ps of business strategy.

Product: Redefined and rejuvenated across all categories from food to non-food, Melcome plans to immaculately blend traditional with modern techniques to offer customers best-in-class products.

Process: Technology will continue to be the core and as a group, Melcom is committed to invest in tech-to streamline processes and systems which will delight customers going forward, be it behind the scenes supply chain operations, store planning, electronic commerce (ecommerce, Quick Commerce and Hyper local commerce) and loyalty programs.

Place: Newer markets, newer concepts – The Melcom Mini, Melcom Home, and Melcom Electric.

Packaging: New Look stores, New Features and attractions. Investment in this will lead to nothing but a world of new experience for patrons.

Price: The original Cedi saver will continue to be the Cedi saver but will offer much more with better shopping experience.

People: Melcom couldn’t have come so far if it did not have such a wonderful frontline and behind the scene work force. Learning and developmental process are being implemented to deliver moments of magic to customers every time.

Purpose: Melcom is in the business of not just retailing but to delight customers across all segments of the society. Its purpose as a corporate citizen is to give back to the society and bring the world to Ghana through varied products and services.



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