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Fidelity Bank earns recognition as Gender Equality Champion in Ghana

The accolade acknowledges Fidelity Bank’s commitment to fostering gender inclusion & creating a supportive environment for female employees to thrive

Fidelity Bank Ghana, the nation’s largest privately-owned bank, has been recognized by Ianmatsun Global Services at a ceremony held at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel for its steadfast commitment to gender equality. The Bank secured a coveted spot among the top 50 employers for gender equality in Ghana and achieving the prestigious distinction of Gender Equality Champion within the banking and finance sector.

The accolade acknowledges Fidelity Bank’s commitment to fostering gender inclusion and creating a supportive environment for female employees to thrive. Through rigorous assessment and evaluation, Fidelity Bank emerged as a leader in championing equal pay, closing the gender pay gap, and promoting women’s advancement into leadership roles.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Gender Equality Champion within the banking sector and among the top employers for gender equality in Ghana,” said Director, Human Resource, Owusu Boahen. “At Fidelity Bank, we believe in creating an inclusive workplace where all employees, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to succeed and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success.”

Central to Fidelity Bank’s gender equality initiatives is the implementation of a comprehensive 5-year Gender Action Plan. This plan, developed in collaboration with AfricInvest, BIO Invest, and Value for Women in January 2023, outlines strategic measures to enhance gender inclusion in accessing financial services, promoting equitable representation of men and women across all organizational levels, and developing products and services tailored to meet the needs of women and men in Ghana.

“Our commitment to gender equality extends beyond mere rhetoric. It is embedded in our organizational culture and reflected in tangible initiatives such as our Orange Women’s Network (OWN),” added Mr. Boahen. “OWN serves as a catalyst for women’s professional and personal growth, offering a range of programs and initiatives to empower women within the bank.”

The Orange Women’s Network provides a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and access capacity-building opportunities through workshops, training programs, and monthly discussions.

Additionally, Fidelity Bank prioritizes work-life balance for all employees, with a particular focus on supporting mothers. The bank offers unique benefits such as a four-month paid maternity leave, a flexible work policy allowing early closing for mothers with young children and an on-site creche for added convenience.

“We are committed to fostering a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential,” affirmed Mr. Boahen. “Through our gender equality initiatives, we aim to set the benchmark for gender-inclusive banking in Ghana and inspire positive change across the industry.”

Fidelity Bank’s leadership in promoting gender equality sets a positive example for businesses across Ghana. Their commitment to creating an inclusive workplace fosters a more diverse and empowered workforce, ultimately contributing to the bank’s success and Ghana’s overall economic development.



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