CCIFG organised an on-site visit of the Kasapreko Production and Bottling Factory

CCI France Ghana organised a member-only visit to the Kasapreko production and bottling factory on the 25th of October 2018.

Attended by about 25 participants, the visit to the USD 70 million state-of-the-art factory begun with a presentation by Mr Clarence Amenyah, Director of International Business Development. In a brief introduction on the company and its activities, he gave figures on capacity and production techniques such as engaging in cassava farming to extract ethanol for drinks made. He shared on the sustainable practices employed by Kasapreko with a focus on the company’s investment in energy renewal through solar. Currently, the company has solar panels installed which currently generates 450MW. 

Following the presentation, participants were giving an extensive tour of the factory. Participants got to see first-hand how plastics for bottles are made and blown up, the filling of the bottles for various drinks as well as the process of capping with bottle tops all within microseconds. 

The visit was concluded with a cocktail for participants to experience the variety of drinks produced. Speaking to the participants, the secretary of the Board of Directors at the CCIFG Francois Bacci highlighted the importance of agro-processing institutions saying that “Processing industries have had a prominent participating role in the industrialization of large developed countries such as France, which is the largest agricultural processing country in the European Community. As such, with Ghana being a developing nation, the importance this growing industry, which includes the activity of Kasapreko is influential and cannot be ignored.”

The visit was organised in line with CCIFG’s focus on the agro-processing industry in the months of September and October. 

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