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CCIFG New Year Cocktail and Grand Launch of CCI@5 Event

CCIFG officially launched its 5th anniversary of operation in Ghana.

To officially mark the year-long celebration of the 5th anniversary of CCIFG themed "CCI @ 5", the Chamber of Commerce and industry France Ghana organised the CCI@5 Grand Launch and New Year Cocktail at the Accra Polo Club which gathered 150 people. The event was organised with the support of two members of the CCIFG, Auto Parts Ltd and Koala.
CCIFG has been creating bonding partnership since 5 years in Ghana. Addressing guests to the event, the President of the Chamber, Mr Celestino Alvarez-Neira, expressed his enthusiasm for what the year had to offer and his content on how far CCIFG has come. “CCIFG celebrates its 5th anniversary as the biggest European bilateral chamber in Ghana currently” he said. Mr Alvarez-Neira elaborated further adding “Within these 5 years, we have supported hundreds of French companies prospecting the Ghanaian market or willing to invest in Ghana. We also ensured that Ghana is on the map for French companies, organising road-shows in France to introduce business opportunities and as a result, we have seen a growing number of French companies gaining interested in the market.”

Mr Samuel Jacquin representing the Embassy of France to Ghana congratulated the Chamber for its role in boosting the existing bilateral relationship between Ghana and France which is evident by the Chamber becoming the leading European business chamber in the country. He concluded his address by expressing his optimism on the future of the bilateral ties which has seen a surge after 56 years of existence in Ghana.

The Managing Director of the Chamber, Mrs Delphine Adenot-Owusu went on to acknowledge Mr Patrick Prado who is the Founder and Former Board President of the CCIFG. She recollected how she was a witness to the birth of the Chamber during her time as press officer at the Embassy of France in Ghana. She was happy to also share her joy on the current achievements of the Chamber which currently stands at having more than a 140 members. She mentioned that 2019 will be a year of celebration reinforcing the business dynamic between France and Ghana as well as organising great events which includes a speed-meeting, French week among others.  

With French investment soaring and over 70 French companies in Ghana today, the influence of their activity has resulted in about 22,000 jobs. With Ghana being an internationally-open economy with ranking 4th out of 56 on Africa Attractiveness Index as published by Ernst & Young (2017), CCIFG supported over 60 French companies in 2018 alone in their business development in Ghana. Annual attendance to events organised adds up to 3000 people with 20 events organised yearly. 

The launch of the 5th anniversary and celebration of the New Year ended with the cutting of a cake as everyone toasted to a successful business year at the Chamber. CCIFG will continue to expand with its network and continue to provide a stage for business opportunities and growth. Members in the CCIFG represent various sectors in Corporate Ghana which is a reflection of the dynamic character integrated in the CCIFG.

CCI France Ghana
Launched in 2014, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana was created to provide a platform for business development in and out of Ghana. Today, CCIFG is part of the CCI France International Network present in 92 countries worldwide. The Chamber constitutes an association of companies and professionals belonging to different sectors and works closely with its main partners CCI France International and Business France in order to support, foster and enhance bilateral trade and investment relations between French and Ghanaian companies. 

CCIFG supports its diverse membership platform which has over 20 business sectors by playing a role of being a business support system through the provision of information through market studies, product-market testing, prospective missions and trade shows. 

The CCI@5 activities throughout the year will demonstrate the core of CCI which is reflected in our theme “5 years of creating bonding partnerships.” CCIFG continues to collaborate with its partners and is expanding its reach by partnering with other European chambers to expand business development and create opportunities. 

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