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Blue Invest Africa - Call for Applications for Pitchers

BlueInvest Africa is specifically designed to target registered African businesses already engaged in various sectors of the blue economy...

The 2nd edition of the EU-Africa BlueInvest Africa event is due this year in Kenya on 3-4 July.

BlueInvest Africa is specifically designed to target registered African businesses already engaged in various sectors of the blue economy, including start-ups. It also aims to engage African Small, Micro, and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) officially established in an African country that possess innovative ideas with potential for further commercial development within the African market.

The event anticipates the participation of around 200 on-site attendees, along with remote participants from both Africa and Europe, including investors and entrepreneurs.

BlueInvest Africa’s primary goals include fostering valuable business connections, creating opportunities to establish a network of potential partners, showcasing real-world business projects from the field, and facilitating the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas.

The event has a clear objective. It seeks to spotlight the largely untapped potential in Africa, promote entrepreneurial initiatives, and encourage active participation from both the public and private sectors in the rapidly expanding blue economy of the continent. Additionally, the event is geared towards promoting forward-thinking and sustainable solutions.

A total of 30 pitchers will be selected for participation in this event and the interested entrepreneurs can submit their expression of interest by January 26th through the website: . Over there everyone interested can also find more information for the applicants and an explanation on what the scope of this blue economy contest is.


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