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CCI France Ghana is delighted to welcome MYHEALTHCOP to the chamber

MyHealthCop Ltd is a Holistic Preventive Health-Tech Wellness Company built to promote Healthy Living via a Digital Platform which brings together Customers/Users and Service Providers in the Health and Wellness Sector.

Their main Mission is to promote Health & Wellness, Healthy Lifestyles, Education and Financial Inclusion in Ghana, Africa and beyond, via a DIGITAL PLATFORM. As a Mission Led-Company, their Mission is to foster long-term Lifestyle Changes in all Humanity through the promotion of preventive Healthy Living Practices, so as to ensure that each individual reaches an optimum level of Wellness in the long run.

Founded in 2021, MYHEALTHCOP’s main purpose has been to champion three main Pillars of wellness; LIVE HEALTHIER, LIVE STRONGER & LIVE LONGER.

Their KPI: Contributing To The Increase in Life Expectancy of all individuals in the next 10 years.


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