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AGS Ghana Kicks Off 2023 with Brand-New State of the Art Premises

For Domestic & International Removals Solutions, AGS International Movers offers excellence to each of its clients...

We are excited to announce AGS Ghana will be operating from brand new facilities from February 2023.

The 6070 sqm site will form the new hub of their removals and records management operations.

The facilities represent the first opportunity for their parent company, the AGS Group, to own facilities in Ghana since they began operating here in 1996.

The project is a sign of their commitment to their Ghanaian clients and a symbol in their trust in the future development of Ghana.

Since its creation in 1974, AGS has expanded year after year, to offer a strong physical presence throughout the world, in Europe, Asia and Africa, and through its partners in the Americas and Oceania.

In 2023 the AGS Group has 146 locations in 97 countries and has one of the largest networks in the international removals industry.

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