110th General Assembly of CCI France International

The President of the Board, Mr Patrick Prado and the Director of CCIFG Mrs Delphine Adenot-Owusu represented the Ghanaian Chamber of CCI France International at its 110th General Assembly in Paris, France.

The trip begun with two "Ghana days" in CCI Alsace and CCI Paris, where she had the opportunity to give presentations to 20 potential business investors on the viability of the Ghanaian market. The presentation was followed by speed meetings with French companies with interest in introducing their business activities to Ghana. The outcome has resulted in the decision to multiply Ghana Days in other CCIs.

In the build up to the General Assembly, Mrs Adenot-Owusu attended training sessions with other CCI Directors to better improve on their roles and how to take better advantage of the CCI network. The 110th General Assembly then took place where 5 new CCIs where inducted to the network increasing the number of CCIs to 120. Other initiatives to see to the growth of CCIs worldwide such as a corporate Education Hub for companies and partners were discussed. As one of the 120 chambers in CCI France International, CCIFG will work to ensure its members derive the most from this large and dynamic network.

The 2 week-long CCI meetings provided a great platform to exchange good practices with other CCI around the globe. The knowledge gathered will go to the growth of CCIFG and its member business development.

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