What is i-transakt : *714*47#

RegencyNem as ways to make Insurance purchase easy for its clients in light of the new reality of conducting business is utilizing an electronic service dubbed i-transakt to aid its potential and existing cliental to self-serve whiles minimizing office contact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Any customer, registered agents, and brokers can buy or renew third party motor policies at their convenience.  All one need is a mobile handset with fairly good and active network signal, no internet needed for the entries. The short code for RegencyNem’s i-transakt  is *714*47#.

The following services is what i-transakt offers;

  • buy & renew motor policy (currently 3rd party)
  • resume uncompleted or failed transaction.
  • pay using any mobile money wallet or nearby momo agent.
  • send claim notification to RegencyNem Claims unit.
  • check the validity/authenticity of motor stickers and policy status.

RegencyNem USSD short code services will be under the tagline ‘Instant Cover for Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere Confidently’i-tranzact, means ‘instant transaction’. The ‘i’ represents the instant manner documents and vehicle policy information are released to clients or users. Instant is associated with speed and easiness and as a matter of fact, the concept is to center our services on customers to transact with ease and get instant responses. Again, the ’i’ similarly represents the individual abilities to transact third party motor business with RegencyNem. As a brand, we believe everyone can buy their own motor cover, anytime, everywhere confidently and conveniently.

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