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Silver Star Auto Ltd. launches Eicher buses and trucks

In its quest to present clients and customers with a comfortable and secured driving experience, leading automobile dealer, Silver Star Auto Limited has launched two new Eicher brands onto the Ghanaian automobile market.

The two new brands which are the Eicher buses and trucks are a division of Volvo manufactured in India. Eicher brands promises to be fuel effective rendering value for money.

Speaking during the launch of the cars, General Manager in charge of Sales at Silver Star Auto Limited, Akbar Siddiqi indicated that the company is giving a five percent discount to customers who purchase the brands running in the next two weeks.

“Basically what sets Eicher apart from a lot of the truck manufacturing companies is its attention to detail. We as a company always ask ourselves what is it that the owner of a vehicle is looking for and ideally, the customer is looking for a return on an investment and a low total cost of ownership.”


“Eicher is well known in India for its mileage; it can run further with least amount of diesel and this is the biggest up selling point of Eicher. The second thing is because of it collaboration with Volvo. There are a lot of technologies crossed over from Volvo into Eicher trucks.”

“These brand of trucks and buses to Ghana through because we are confident that in this hard climate that we are in, every cedi spent on diesel needs to go the further it can go.”

Established in 1996, Silver Star Auto Limited has grown to be associated with luxury car brands in the automobile business in Ghana.

As authorized distributors of Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Citroën brands of vehicles, with branches in Accra, Tema and Kumasi, the company’s product line covers the full spectrum of automobile needs including saloon cars, SUVs, vans, trucks as well as buses.

Silver Star Auto deals in the sale of genuine vehicle spare parts and is the authorized distributor of Energizer Batteries, Power Oils and Motul Oils in Ghana.

The company also caters for all sales and servicing needs of customers and offers customers after-sales service support, including body and paint repair works.

The launch of the Eicher brands coincided with 2022 Business explosion under the auspices of the India Trade Advisory Chamber.


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