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SG Home of Business Concludes 2nd Quarter Edition of Catalyst Series Seminar

The Catalyst Series Seminar remains a vital platform for businesses seeking growth and development opportunities...

SG Home of Business has successfully concluded the 2nd Quarter edition of its esteemed Catalyst Series Seminar, recently held at its office in Osu. The seminar saw the convergence of key stakeholders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs under the theme, "Navigating the Recent Ghana Tax Law Amendments: Expert Insights and Strategies". 
The seminar was facilitated by Mr. Dominic Dokbilla Naab, an Assistant Commissioner and Technical Aide to the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority ,whose key discussions during the seminar were centred around the recent amendments to the Ghana Tax Law. These included the Value Added Tax Amendment (Act 2022 Act 1087), Electronic Transfer Levy (Amendment) Act 2022 Act 1089, Temporary Concession Act 1094 Act 2023, and Temporary Concession Act 1094 Act 2023 among others. The seminar also offered insights on various tax incentives that businesses and business owners can benefit from. 
It was well attended by attendees both online and in-person. 
The SG Home of Business Country Manager, Yvette Richardson, highlighted the organization’s commitment to promoting business growth through its unique hub offering, which includes coaching, financing, networking, and mentoring. The organization is expanding its advisory services through strategic partnerships and aims to bring on board the new partners by the end of 2023. 
Societe Generale Ghana's Managing Director, Mr. Hakim Ouzzani, reiterated the bank's steadfast dedication to supporting the growth of SMEs in Ghana. He stated, "We believe that today’s SMEs are tomorrow’s large corporate entities and for that reason, we are willing to grow with SMEs to their future heights."

The Catalyst Series Seminar remains a vital platform for businesses seeking growth and development opportunities, providing valuable insights into the latest trends, legislation, and strategies in the Ghanaian business sector.


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