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MPS Celebrates Ghana Green Day with the Planting of 1001 Coconut Trees

The MPS management team rallied all MPS employees and reached out to the Tema Port stakeholders, including government officials to participate...

Once upon a time in the beautiful coastal city of Tema, Ghana, there was a beach that had been a beloved spot for locals and commuters alike. However, the once pristine shoreline had started to lose its natural charm due to the effects of erosion and pollution. The people of Tema are concerned about preserving their environment and restoring the beach's natural beauty along the Sakumono Beach Road.

In an effort to make a positive change, the CEO of Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS), Mr. Mohamed Samara, took the initiatives to mobilise the MPS team including the consulting engineers (AECOM) and the civil contractors (De Simone Ghana Ltd.) to join the restoration action.

The MPS management team rallied the entire MPS employees and reached out to the Tema Port stakeholders, including government officials, local businesses, and community organizations, to participate in this grand endeavour.

Mr. Samara echoed MPS’ shareholders’ and board of directors’ firm believe in sustainable development and environmental conservation. He recognized the importance of protecting the natural resources and embarked on organising magnificent gesture in cerebration of "Ghana Green Day" to raise awareness about the environment and undertake a meaningful initiative to revive the Sakumono Beach.

The restoration efforts and the celebration of Ghana Green Day at Tema Beach had a profound impact on the community and the environment. The planting of 1001 coconut trees along the shoreline symbolized rejuvenation, growth, and a commitment to environmental conservation. The involvement of Mr. Samara, along with other key figures such as Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey and Mrs. Sandra Opoku, demonstrated leadership and inspired others to join the cause.


The event brought together employees of MPS, government officials, local businesses, and community organizations, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. People from all walks of life participated in the planting, each contributing their part to transform the beach. The speeches delivered by executives emphasized the importance of environmental responsibility and the positive impact that individuals can make, instilling a renewed sense of purpose in the attendees.

With the planting of each tree, a sense of hope and anticipation filled the air. The community members worked together, fostering a strong bond and a shared sense of accomplishment. The transformation of the beach was nothing short of breath-taking, with a long line of green, swaying coconut trees symbolizing a fresh beginning.

The conclusion of Ghana Green Day was marked with a celebratory event, where the MPS team and stakeholders were recognized for their dedication. Mr. Mohamed Samara expressed his gratitude and appreciation for each participant's contribution to environmental preservation.

In the days that followed, the responsibility of nurturing the newly planted coconut trees fell upon the community of Tema. They took it upon themselves to care for the trees, ensuring their growth and prosperity. The presence of the coconut trees served as a constant reminder of the community's commitment to preserving the environment and attracted visitors from far and wide.

Tema Beach, once again a popular destination, showcased the power of collective action and the positive impact that can be achieved through environmental initiatives. The success of Ghana Green Day inspired other communities and individuals to undertake similar projects, contributing to the overall well-being of Ghana's coastal areas and natural resources.

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