Member Spotlight | Jolanda Castagna (MD, Akka Kappa)

The future of real estate in Ghana is being shaped by urbanization, demographics, technology, and regulations...

  • Can you share with our readers a brief overview of your real estate company and its presence in the Ghanaian market?

Akka Kappa is a pinnacle in real estate, offering comprehensive services with integrity and expertise. We have been in existence for over 8 years now, offering 4 exclusive services which are Sales and Lettings, Relocation Management, International Investment Advisory and Construction Consultancy. Beyond business, we foster growth and enriching experiences, particularly in relocation, guided by empathetic leadership.

  • How has the Ghanaian real estate market evolved over the years, and what role has Akka Kappa played in that evolution?

Over the years, the Ghanaian real estate market has undergone significant evolution. From burgeoning urbanization to the rise of a burgeoning middle class, Ghana has witnessed a remarkable journey. With a portfolio of over 1300 certified listings, we have satisfied landlords who had been overwhelmed with marketing their properties and gaining positive rental income. On the other hand, we have also provided luxury accommodation to suit the taste of our tenants. My husband, Mr. Jimmy Castagna, who heads the construction consultancy department has been actively involved in landmark projects which transformed the beautiful skyline of Accra for the past decade.

  • How does your company foster collaboration and partnerships within the business community, both locally and internationally?

In the realm of real estate, connections are paramount, at Akka Kappa, we excel in fostering these connections through networking events, business associations, strategic alliances, joint ventures, market research, and digital platforms. Especially In the digital age, our reach knows no bounds. Leveraging digital platforms and online networks, we have transcended geographical barriers, connecting with a diverse array of partners and stakeholders worldwide. This interconnectedness fosters collaboration on a global scale.

  • How has living in Ghana for the past 30 years shaped your personal and professional life?

When I arrived in Accra 30 years ago, it was very different from the bustling city with highrise buildings and wide roads we see today.  Trust me, moving here with two young kids and not speaking the language was tough back then but living here has changed me and my work in big ways. Personally, I've learned so much from being around different cultures and traditions. It's something special that I wouldn't have experienced back in our small village in Italy and Ghana’s growth has helped our real estate company, Akka Kappa Ltd, grow too. We started small but worked through many challenges to become a top real estate service firm in West Africa.

You might find it a bit strange when I say Ghana has a certain magic that's hard to describe. It's something you feel, a warmth, a vibrancy that sticks with you and, if you leave, makes you long to come back.

  • Can you share insights into the future of real estate in Ghana and how Akka Kappa is preparing to meet the opportunities and challenges ahead?

The future of real estate in Ghana is being shaped by urbanization, demographics, technology, and regulations. Akka Kappa is strategically preparing by focusing on the needs of the client. Whether it is infrastructure investment, luxury accommodation, relocation, international listings, technology integration and strategic partnerships. This proactive approach positions Akka Kappa for sustained success in Ghana's evolving real estate landscape.

  • Can you share a memorable experience that highlights the cultural richness and community spirit of Ghana?

Ghana has many beautiful traditions and a memorable one was a naming ceremony event I attended. At the ceremony, the baby got her name, which reflected the family's hopes and history. Elders shared their advice and blessings, showing that everyone helps in raising a child. This ceremony helps to make family and community ties stronger. Now, with my third grandchild, a baby girl, soon to arrive, I'm excited about the "Naming Ceremony" tradition.

  • We celebrated International Women’s Day last month. You have been the head of your company for several years now. Do you have any advice for women looking to break the glass ceiling and would like to pursue high managerial positions in real estate or any other sector?

Sheryl Sandberg's words resonate deeply: 'We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women's voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.' To everyone on this journey, know that challenges will arise, but don't lose heart. Believe in yourself, commit to continuous learning, cultivate strong networks, and seize every opportunity, no matter how small. Your persistence and dedication matter. Keep pushing forward and always strive to do your best.

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