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Habour Craft Jetty in Tema Port Operationalised

This was revealed at a meeting with key stakeholders in the Tema Port...

Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) continues to maximise efficiency in Terminal 3 of the Tema Port. This time, the company has significantly reduced vessel idle time at its berth. This was revealed at a meeting with key stakeholders in the Tema Port.

The Management of MPS presented to the gathering, data collected over the last year depicting the progressive reduction in the vessel idle time at arrival and departure.

To further shorten vessel exchange time, the Company has put into operation a constructed Harbour Craft Jetty behind its berth at the Port of Tema.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of MPS, Mr. Mohamed Samara, “this initiative started a year ago as part of the drive to ensure a faster vessel turnaround time to our shipping lines customers. So far, the achievement stands at 55% reduction in the idle time at vessel arrival and 21% reduction in idle time at vessel departure. In total, 109 minutes have been saved in idle time which translates into 1213 port hours saved on 668 calls in 2022. The next step is to create a marine courtyard which allows the harbour craft (pilots, tugboats) to be positioned within the harbour basin for instant response.”

In his remarks, the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Curtiss Dakpogan emphasised on the importance of further improving the vessel idle time.

“Let ensure the new harbour craft jetty, which is now ready for use, is best utilized in our common quest to sail vessels as soon as possible after completion of operations. It is crucial for all parties to follow up on the agreed actions during this workshop within their respective organization for us all to be successful in this endeavour. We will continue sharing more detailed statistics on weekly basis with stakeholders and address any hurdles for smooth implementation.”

Following the boardroom discussions, the CEO and COO led the stakeholders to inspect the completed jetty and watched as the Port Authority’s tugboats were anchored.


Owing to this change, productivity is increasing, savings have been generated for the organizations involved.  The environmental impact of operations has been reduced by allowing shipping companies to reduce their time in port and the associated reduction in bunker consumption.

Present at the meeting was the Harbour Master, Captain Francis Micah and his team, representatives of the shipping lines operating in the Port of Tema and Management Team Members of MPS.


With such enhanced marine infrastructure capacity, Ghana has been positioned to compete with other countries within the Sub-Region to attract trade and investments into Ghana. Being one of the strongest emerging economies in West Africa with burgeoning youthful population, many industrial companies have taken advantage to set up shop in Ghana to prepare for their penetration into the wider African market.



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