General Assembly

CCI France International Unveils its New Board of Directors

The 115th General Assembly of CCI France International was held on Tuesday June 28, 2022, at the Étoile Saint-Honoré Conference Center in Paris...

It brought together the Presidents, Directors and Directors of nearly 85 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad (CCI FI).

The event was an opportunity to take stock of the past year, discuss with our historical partners and discuss the network's prospects.

On this occasion, it was decided to confirm the exclusion of the CCI France Latvia, the structure having failed to comply with the standards of the network.

After a transitional period as "associate members", three chambers have become full members: Panama, Tanzania and Uruguay.

The network is thus made up of 125 FI CCIs in 95 countries.



new Board of Directors was appointed at the end of the morning. It is thus composed of:

  • 15 directors of French CCIs abroad

  • 4 directors of CCI of France

  • 2 ex officio members

  • 2 Honorary Presidents

  • 2 guest members

The President of CCI France International is now Arnaud VAISSIÉ , Founder and CEO of International SOS. This is a return since Arnaud VAISSIÉ had already held this position for 6 years, from 2013 to 2019.

He succeeds Renaud BENTÉGEAT who held the Presidency of CCI France International for 3 years.


Composition of the Board of Directors

Mandate 2022-2025


  • President : Arnaud VAISSIÉ - Great Britain / International SOS
  • 1st Vice-President : Yann LEBEAU - Morocco / Intercereals

  • Vice-President : Annie REA - Italy / InSitu

  • Vice-President : Michel BISAC - Algeria / The Maghreb pages

  • Treasurer : Pierre CHEYRON - Malaysia / Engie

  • Deputy Treasurer : Geoffroy BUNETEL - United Arab Emirates / Chalhoub Group

  • Secretary General: Eva IVARS - Spain / Afflelou

  • Deputy General Secretary : Patricia LEMATTRE STOECKEL - Switzerland / (Veepee Group)



  • Sumeet ANAND - India / IndSight Growth

  • Thibault BEAUJOT - New Zealand / Paneton Bakery

  • Xavier de BELLEFON - Mexico / Previta

  • Emmanuel GROS - China / B&A Investment Bankers

  • David-Pierre JALICON - Korea / DPJ& Partners

  • Rodrigo PEREZ GRAZIANO - Argentina / Stellantis

  • Francis REPKA - Canada / Societe Generale


Administrators CCI of France

  • Jean-Luc CHAUVIN, President of the CCI Aix Marseille Provence

  • Jean-François CLEDEL, President of the New Aquitaine CCI

  • Sylvain CONVERS, President of the Troyes and Aube CCI

  • Jean-Pierre RIVERY, President of the CCI Bretagne


Ex officio members

  • Alain DI CRESCENZO, President of CCI France

  • Dominique RESTINO, President of the Paris Ile-de-France CCI

Honorary Presidents

  • Renaud BENTEGEAT

  • Pierre-Antoine GAILLY


Invited members

  • Alain BENTEJAC, President - French Foreign Trade Advisors

  • Bernard DELMAS, Member of the Board of Directors - Nissan Motor Corporation Japan

  • Christophe LECOURTIER, Managing Director - Business France

  • Nicolas RIBOLLET, Partner KPMG Bahrain

  • Alfred RODRIGUEZ, Ambassador for Mexico Alliance Industry of the Future


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