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CalBank PLC Launches Women Leadership Program to Identify and Elevate Talented Women to Lead

The program was launched as part of activities in celebrating the achievements of women and their contributions throughout history...

As part of activities in celebrating the achievements of women and their contributions throughout history, CalBank PLC on Friday 17th March 2023, launched a Women Leadership Program aimed at identifying, developing and elevating talented women within the organization to take on leadership roles. The program seeks to empower women to achieve their full potential to make a positive impact on the bank and the wider community.

The CalBank Women Leadership Program is part of the bank’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion in its workforce. Through the program, women employees will receive training and support to enhance their leadership skills and develop the confidence to take on senior roles.

In his welcome address, Philip Owiredu, Managing Director of CalBank, expressed joy for the launch of a program that has women’s growth and development at heart. “I am honored this morning to inaugurate the CalBank Women Leadership Programme, a programme tailored to the needs of women to groom them to take on leadership roles within the bank and externally.  The programme will amongst other objectives create safe spaces for women to support their transition to bigger role responsibilities and anchor their career developmental journeys in ways that challenge the traditional concept of the role of the woman,” he said.

Dr. Rose Mensah-Kutin [Gender Advocate & Guest Speaker], lauded CalBank for taking a significant step towards empowering its women to take up leadership positions in the organization. “This program by CalBank is critical because the bank has noted that if we leave things as they are, what we fear about the UN Secretary General’s assertion that, it will take three centuries for gender equality to be realized, will happen. So CalBank wants to be intentional in how it works with women in the organization; it wants to be intentional in creating an atmosphere that will help both women and men to work together,” she remarked.

Dr. Mensah-Kutin also urged the Bank to document the steps taken, lessons learned, challenges, achievements, and opportunities it created along the journey so it becomes a blueprint other banks can refer to.

Mrs. Barbara Banson, Chief Risk Officer of CalBank noted challenges that exist for women in the banking industry in Ghana, despite the great opportunities it offers them to make positive impacts on people’s lives. “Women have a unique perspective and a set of skills to help drive innovation, collaboration, and growth in this field. However, we often face many challenges such as biases, discrimination, and limited opportunity. This program therefore aims to provide the platform for us women to learn, network and exchange ideas on how to overcome these challenges and aspire for leadership roles,” she emphasized.

The program will feature a range of activities including workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from senior colleagues within the bank and industry experts, as well as build relationships with other talented women within the organization.

In conclusion, the panel discussion on the CalBank Women Leadership Program highlighted the importance of empowering and supporting women to take up leadership positions in the banking industry. The speakers emphasized the need for gender diversity in leadership positions and shared their personal experiences of overcoming gender biases and stereotypes.

The panel also discussed the various ways in which the CalBank Women Leadership Program can help to bridge the gender gap in leadership positions. These include mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and leadership training.

The Bank’s management team has committed to adopting the learnings from the panel discussion and implementing them in the bank’s operations. This includes creating more opportunities for women to take up leadership roles and providing support for their career development.



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