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CalBank Commissions New ICT Lab for SDA Schools in Koforidua

Indigenous bank, CalBank has commissioned a fully furnished ICT lab for the Seventh-Day Adventist Demonstrations Schools at Koforidua Asokoree...

The ICT Lab which was built with technical support from TechAide is made up of 40 computers and also boasts of educational software and tools which will aid teaching and learning. This, the bank hopes will offer students and the community a platform to develop digital skills.

Speaking at the opening of the lab, Managing Director of CalBank PLC, Philip Owiredu, underscored the need for practical ICT education if the country wants to achieve the desired development. According to him, technology is a major driver of development in the world and for Ghana to fully attain its digitalisation agenda, a lot of efforts should be made in ensuring practical technological education.

“Technology is the driver of global development. In every aspect of life, be it education, health, financial services, technology has become a major driving force for the growth of these sectors and in our agenda. To ensure a digitalised economy, it is important that everybody in the nation will have a feel of what ICT is about to enhance their knowledge and further advance Ghana’s technological agenda”, he noted. He also called on private sector to support in the provision of infrastructure and services to complement government’s efforts. According to him, the collective support of every institution will help fast-track development of the economy.

On  the importance of cooperate support in providing tools for the development of digital skills in Ghana, Kafui Prebby, Chief Executive Officer of TechAide said, corporate backing by way of the provision of tools like computers and ICT labs will expose the youth to the learning of digital skills which will intend boost digital literacy in Ghana. 

“Government has provided the framework, however, we as individuals and citizens have to do our part in supporting the Ghana’s digitalisation agenda. Technology cannot be learnt in a vacuum, it’s a skill and people need tools to learn these skills.  So without the tools, we can preach all we want but may not yield the needed results. “

The Headmaster of the SDA Basic B School, George Boadu thanked Cal Bank and TechAide for their support and promised to ensure that the facility is put to good to use to benefit the society.

The 40-seater computer Lab which comes with various educational software will aid teaching and learning and offer practical ICT lessons not only for the students, but the community as a whole.




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