Announcement : appointment of Gideon Ataraire as CEO of Allianz Life Ghana (subject to local regulatory approval)

Allianz Ghana is pleased to announce the appointment of Gideon Ataraire as Allianz Life Ghana’s new CEO, effective 1st October, 2018, subject to local regulatory approval.

Gideon brings years of experience to the company and has a proven record of taking customer-centric companies like Allianz Life Ghana to the next level. Until this move, he was the Group Head of Human Resources and General Services at Ensure - a company of Allianz in Nigeria. In the past, Gideon held several positions including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Sales Officer (Agency and Business Partners) also at Ensure – a company of Allianz, then known as Union Assurance Company plc. 

Gideon, who hails from Delta State in Nigeria is a Certified Management Trainer (CMD), a Certified PPA Administrator (Thomas Key), a DDI accredited Facilitator and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM). He was the first Certified Action Learning Coach (WIAL) in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. He brings to Allianz Life Insurance Ghana, a wealth of experience in people management, building and managing start-ups, re-organization as well as restructuring.

“Gideon’s appointment is a clear reflection of our company in Ghana’s current state: We have hit the ground running and are ready to take the industry by storm! Allianz Life Ghana is poised to make major gains as far as market share, customer service and use of technology are concerned, and we’re excited to see what Gideon’s unique experience of managing start-ups will bring. There is enormous opportunity for Allianz Life Ghana that lies ahead, and we are happy with Gideon joining our team in Accra and helping us and our customers achieve continued growth and success.” says Coenraad Vrolijk.

Patrick Prado, Allianz Life Ghana’s current CEO will continue to serve on the Board of Directors in Ghana. Patrick is credited with the birth of Allianz here in Ghana. “He has successfully steered both Allianz Insurance (Non-Life) and Allianz Life Insurance one after the other and handed them to others to continue this wonderful journey. We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and contributions.” comments Coenraad.

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