TRAINING: Effective Debt Recovery Actions and Strategies Masterclass

The Capital Group Limited - New Training Centre,

Price: GHS 1,500.00 (TAX EXCLUSIVE)


Event ended.

A two-sessional two-day Training Program which will run for Six (6) hours each day



What’s it all about?

Thrive and Survive!

It has never been more crucial for a business to implement a series of effective collection techniques and processes responsibly and ethically to ensure sustainability. By employing effective persuasion and negotiating techniques, a business could improve its bottom line and cash flow, while maximizing recovery on past-due accounts receivables and most importantly, preserving the relationship with customers.

Having trained over 14,000 credit professionals across 6 continents, Tim Paulsen, an internationally sought-after Credit & Collections Specialist, author of such books as ‘Paid in Full’, ‘The Reluctant Collector’, ‘How Would Confucius Collect a Past-Due Invoice’ and ‘Sex, Lies & Negotiation Techniques, will demonstrate a systematic and creative approach in Credit Collect Strategies and Negotiation Skills that will help you accelerate your collection ratio.

Soft Skills? Don’t let the label fool you – they can be difficult to grasp and even hard to put in place and sustain. Tim says that Collections is not for the faint of heart.


Why Attend?

Simply put, you want to collect more money, faster and where possible, keep your hard-earned customers.

Many firms spend time and effort to train and develop the members of sales, service and marketing. Often the last to get attention, if at all, are the people who work in accounts receivable,

We find this to be a head-shaking situation because these are the same people who are responsible for the most liquid asset after cash!

Whether on location or via webinars, Tim Paulsen, author and International Specialist in Creative Receivables Management will demonstrate effective methods to help you and your organization collect more money, quicker...and still keep your customers. Tim says, “The effective loan is not complete until the money has been paid AND the Customer returns to deal with you again AND pays on time in the future!"

“Collections is collections”, Tim says, adding that, “there are general principles that apply whether one is collecting a personal debt from a friend or a brother-in-law to a large amount from a corporate client.

However, there are differences within professions, countries and cultures. These ‘differences’ may not allow a successful technique in North America to be used South of the Equator. An approach that works well in Singapore, may not be as effective when dealing with a client in Hong Kong or Mumbai.” 

The objective of this highly participative program is to ensure the attendees develop a systematic approach to one of their firm’s largest liquid assets after cash - tailored to their individual needs.

Tim’s workshops are highly participative and designed to stimulate your thinking, inspire your creativity and enhance your productivity. As such, minimum but meaningful concept inputs will be shared followed by discussions, case studies and designated role play on how you can practice these techniques in your Credit Collection strategies.

Group exercises and presentations will be very much to the fore, No passengers in this course – crew only!

Tim says,’ come ready to work hard – and have fun!



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