Culinary Journey Webinar: Surf & Turf

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CCI France Ghana innovates and invites its CCIFG members, families and friends to a weekly virtual cooking class in the comfort of your own kitchen, hosted by Accra 5 star Hotel Chefs!

Week 3: Featuring Accra Marriott Hotel 

Date:Friday  05th  June,from  5.30pm  to  6pm

Dish: Surf & Turf


Prepare and chop listed ingredients before the class

Taste your delicious dish within 30 minutes

Ingredients: Serves 2 pax

  • 200 gr local lobster tails
  • 360 gr imported beef fillet
  • olive oil 100ml
  • butter 80gr
  • salt 20gr
  • crushed black pepper 15gr
  • carrots 60gr
  • asparagus 80gr
  • spring onion 10gr
  • fresh minced garlic 20gr
  • chopped parsley 20gr
  • fresh lemon juice 100ml
  • rocket leaves 50gr
  • potatoes 200gr
  • local spinach 60gr
  • feta cheese 40gr
  • dried oregano 3gr
  • 160ml red wine jus


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