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KPMG Thought Leadership Launch | Assume nothing, verify everything

Why zero trust is the way forward...

Organizations worldwide continue to grapple with cyber security challenges as the pace of digital transformation, fast-evolving business models, remote work and increasingly complex partner ecosystems unleash new opportunities for cyber-attacks.

Traditional cyber security approaches relying on security ‘at the perimeter’ were adequate in a world where data and its users resided within specific, well-defined locations. With physical boundaries disappearing — and with increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals using ransomware and other destructive malware to target organizations — conventional cyber security approaches are being rendered obsolete, ultimately driving the need for modern solutions to protect critical assets and information.

More and more businesses are wisely turning to a zero trust mindset to restructure their cyber defenses.

KPMG’s Assume nothing, verify everything article explores the objectives, considerations and trends impacting the move to zero trust. It takes a closer look at KPMG’s zero trust model and journey – and explores what’s next for cyber security.

We hope you find this article insightful and that it sparks discussions around how we can help organizations with their zero trust journeys.



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