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CFAO Ghana PLC hosts Official Launch Event for Mercedes Benz Partnership

CFAO Ghana PLC becomes the SOLE AUTHORISED DEALER for Mercedes-Benz in Ghana...

Announcing the new dealership in Mercedes Benz, CFAO Ghana said the "agreement makes CFAO Ghana PLC the SOLE AUTHORISED DEALER for Mercedes-Benz in Ghana."

"CFAO Ghana PLC is your trusted partner of world-renowned vehicle brands, and for 113 years has imported, marketed and serviced new and used vehicles through Africa's largest automotive distribution network. We announce with pleasure our exclusive dealership agreement with Mercedes-Benz."

This agreement makes CFAO Ghana PLC the SOLE AUTHORISED DEALER for Mercedes-Benz in Ghana, it said.

With other CFAO subsidiaries in Kenya and Mauritius already authorised as dealers, CFAO Ghana PLC takes pride in following suit with its unparalleled aftersales service, excellent customer service whilst offering value to customers, it added.

"This landmark achievement was completed on the back of our formidable Africa-wide network advantage with presence in 47 markets on the continent, a robust supply chain and a commitment to ethical business practice. After operating in Ghana since 1909 to date, CFAO is very well placed to consolidate its leadership and seize new growth opportunities."

"We wish furthermore, to assure existing customers of a seamless integration into our aftersales service supported by highly trained engineers, genuine spare parts and state-of-the-art work tools to keep your vehicles continuously maintained in top condition.

It said work is currently on-going to complete a modern showroom and workshop which meet Mercedes-Benz standards and offer a befitting experience for all Mercedes-Benz owners.

Subsequent announcements will be made on completion of the showroom and workshop to welcome our customers to a new dispensation of Mercedes-Benz with CFAO Ghana PLC.

CFAO Ghana PLC looks forward to a fulfilling relationship with Mercedes-Benz and our cherished customers.

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