CCIFG is proud to introduce Digital Skills Passport (DSP)

To remain in line with Government directives and avoid physical interaction, we bring to you our eLearning Program: Digital Skill Passport (DSP)

Digital Skills Passport (DSP) is a new ICT skills training program helping people around the globe to learn new digital skills and to thrive & prosper in an increasingly connected world. We believe that anyone can become a digital skills expert as long as they are taught within an enjoyable way and with a methodology that is suitable with their individual learning style.

Digital Skills can increase:

  • Business productivity

  • Help to develop a competitive edge

  • Provide new ways of working

  • Help increase ROI

  • Allow business to build & retain customer relationships


The interactive course is based on:

  • 100 hours in a safe and self-know working environment

  • 10 modules in line with major set goals & KPI

  • International accreditation

  • @ USD 300 per person.

To register, download the Registration Form and send us an email.

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