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2021 Networking Cocktails in a Nutshell

This is a summary of all the Networking Cocktails CCIFG has hosted for the year 2021

              DATE                                      EVENT
   23rd April, 2021   

   CCIFG & IBAG Networking Cocktail

   7th June, 2021

   CCIFG & SGCC Networking Cocktail

   11th June, 2021

   CCIFG & AHK Ghana Networking Cocktail         

   8th September, 2021            

   The Whisky Lounge with Pernod Ricard

   16th September, 2021

   CCIFG & GNBCC Networking Cocktail

   14th October, 2021

   CCIFG~GSABC~GNBCC Networking Cocktail
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