Happy Summer from CCIFG

July, marks the start of the perfect young summer and summer is all about happy times and good sunshine. CCIFG is thrilled at its activities achieved during the first half of what we promised will be a year full of revamped business support activities. The target for 2017 was to tailor our services so as to suit more effectively business development needs for our members irrespective of their business sectors.

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Recapping activities for the first half of the year and after our survey, we have organised 9 events tailored to our members' needs which included Economic Business Breakfasts, Networking cocktails, on-site visits, conferences and forums, and of course the CCIFG Gala Night which gathered 300-high level guests and showed CCIFG network dynamism.


On a business development spectrum, we have successfully organised trade missions from France to Ghana to facilitate the likelihood of business engagements in the fields of renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and industrial equipment. We are also focusing on organizing Ghana days in France and abroad to boost business opportunities and to give a platform to establish new partnerships.

As mentioned to you all, CCIFG will engage member services more so as to promote their activities as well as offer business support to you-all. In this regard, we will begin training programmes so as to promote capacity building. The agenda for the various training sessions will be sent soon.

In respect of membership, CCIFG within the span of 6-months has grown in size with 29 new members. Our member network now consists of more than 100 companies representing over 20 different sectors in Corporate Ghana. With the growing business activities in the Chamber, our staff has grown as well. To familiarise you, we have:

Delphine Adenot-Owusu  - Executive Director 
Virgil Barreau                   - Business Support Coordinator

Esinam Ayivor                  - Communication and Events Coordinator

Rebecca Twum                 - Administrative Assistant

The CCIFG team is here to help and support you in your business growth. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or membership.

We wish you a happy summer!!!