Official Name: Republic of France

Official Language: French

Capital: Paris

Surface: 632 834 km2 (551 695 km2 in metropolitan France)

Currency: Euro (€)

Population: 65 821 000 habitants (January 2014)

GDP: 2 829 billion Euros (5th in the world) (2015)

GDP per capita: €42 960 (2014)

GDP Growth (annual): 1.1 % (World Bank, 2015)

Income Level: High income country (World Bank)

National Day: 14th July (Bastille Day)


Located on Europe's western side, France shares its borders with Belgium and Luxembourg in the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the east, and with Spain in the south. France is the most expansive country in the European Union and benefits from a wide variety of landscapes. It has over 3,400 miles of coastline stretching from the North Sea and along the Channel to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and along the Mediterranean in the south, large mountain ranges in the east and the south while 4 great river basins cross the country. It also includes overseas territories which include a great number of islands.

France is divided into 13 administrative regions (22 of which are in metropolitan France and 5 are overseas) which are further subdivided into 101 departments (96 in metropolitan France and 5 are overseas). The main cities, in terms of population and economic activity, are Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nantes, Lille, Toulon and Marseille.

The 5th largest economic power, France's economy currently revolves around services which employ more than 70% of the active population.

Its dynamic agricultural sector makes France the leading agricultural producer in the European Union, while its viticulture is particularly important since France is the global leader in the production of wines and spirits.

The industrial sector is particularly developed in the agribusiness, automobile, building and public works, chemical industry, rail, aeronautics and aerospace, energy, and pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

The transport sector benefits from an efficient road and rail network. New technologies hold an important place in the developing sectors and are mostly supported by large enterprises but also a small ribbon of SMEs. 

France is also renowned for its luxury and tourism sector being one of the leading destinations in the world.